Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Good Day for a New Book!

I know it has been a month now since I shared family activities, action rhymes and stories with you.  It has been a special and especially busy time!  My picture book Miss Lucy Jane by Jane Willis Johnston, illustrated by my cousin Emmeline Hall was published!!  Such an amazing journey making a book has been.  The text is a poem I wrote many years ago, and I was delighted when I was able to partner with Emmeline to bring it all to life.  If you are interested in owning it,  Miss Lucy Jane is available from here from Amazon or from me at

Miss Lucy Jane is a fanciful girl "full of dreams and flap-doodle schemes."  Follow her on one week of wonderful, creative adventures.  And search for a mouse in every picture!  You can also find clues  in each picture that will lead you into the amazing world of the next picture. If you would like, please tell your local library about the book and  perhaps they will add it to their collection...and you can check it out!

I will be back soon with October ACTION RHYMES and story ideas.  I hope your family is having a fun fall.  Fill those autumn nights with warm stories and entertaining ideas!


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